Your Medical Transportation Partner in Norwell, MA

Why choose Prime Medical Transport

Prime Medical Transport is a non-emergency transportation company for the senior community, injured, and disabled that you can trust in Norwell, MA

Other than our incredible management, our medical transportation company also has a lot of other qualities that make us the ideal choice for your needs.

Vehicle maintenance

A good team isn’t enough if the vehicles used for transportation aren’t maintained properly. Whether you’re looking for medical appointments’ transportation or senior transportation to social events, our company will make sure you get it. We have a fleet that we use for different needs, and we service them regularly to guarantee a good experience.

Pre-arranged scheduling

Prime Medical Transport offers different options for special needs transportation. You can make a reservation a few days or weeks before your appointment, but you can also call us if you need our services on the same day. Either way, we will deliver the best stretcher transportation services in Massachusetts.

Dedication and training

Constant training is necessary to keep the staff experienced to ensure they deliver satisfactory transportation for the disabled. Training includes equipping the employees with the best lifting techniques they may use when handling disabled or elderly transportation. The dedication of the personnel is also important, just like their professionalism. These attributes will guarantee the best experience during wheelchair transport or other service delivery.

Our company can adapt to any situation to ensure you remain comfortable, and you accomplish all your objectives. Whether you want to go for a medical checkup, or you want to attend an event, we will take you there on time. Prime Medical Transport is the company to call for all your transportation for handicapped needs.