Non-Emergency Transportation Services you can get in Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, MA is undoubtedly one of the safest places in Massachusetts and we aim to make it safer. Prime Medical Transport is one of the most reliable and reputable non-emergency medical transportation companies in the region. We place the needs of our clients above everything else and, as such, ensure you don’t get disappointed.

Stretcher Transportation

This is the ideal transportation for disabled people who cannot maintain a sitting posture for long. You call also ask for our stretcher transport if you want enhanced comfort as you travel to your destination. We will make sure that an experienced EMT stays with you throughout the trip to ensure you get everything you need while you’re in our care.

Wheelchair Transportation

Although our wheelchair transport vehicles are capable of accommodating more than one wheelchair, we also strive to maintain your privacy and will only place an extra wheelchair if you want us to. Our medical transportation company can transport two family members using wheelchairs at the same time and there will be room for other family members to travel with you.

Ambulatory Transport

If you can walk to the vehicle without support from another person, then these services will be suitable for you. We mostly provide transportation for the disabled, but we also care for people who are still independent enough to walk short distances without straining too much.

Stair Climbers

If you need a power stair chair or a portable ramp, we will provide them. We want you to feel comfortable while going for your checkups and while you’re at home. These tools will make sure you don’t suffer from mobility disadvantages.

Stretcher Chair Transport

This is the best transportation for the handicapped because it serves the purpose of a wheelchair and a stretcher. The stretcher chair is a versatile mode of transport that is also suitable for elderly transportation. It is safe and comfortable as well and will cater to your special needs transportation.

Our medical appointments transportation company is here to ensure you attend all your medical appointments without stress or delay. Call us today for the best stretcher transportation services and senior transportation services.