Reserving Transportation Services in Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod, MA has some of the most amazing destinations for summer vacations, and we can help you get there. The sandy beaches and the relaxed lifestyle in this place may be hard to enjoy when you don’t have a reliable transportation company to use. Prime Medical Transport is a non-emergency medical transportation company that will take you wherever you want to go to Cape Cod. One of our objectives is to give you a stress-free experience that starts with the easy accessibility of our services.

Reservation process

Our medical transportation company requires a prior reservation, but we can also work with you if you have urgent requests. We provide special needs transportation during normal office hours, but we can also make arrangements to help you if you want transportation past the normal business hours. It’s better to book early for medical appointments transportation, but if you need stretcher transportation services for the same day, you can still get them.

To make transportation for disabled reservations, you can fill out our form to tell us where to pick you and your destination. We ask for basic details that will allow us to identify your current location and the intended destination. Since we offer a wide range of services, you also have to specify the kind of transportation you need. We also prefer that you tell us the estimated duration you will need us.

Filling out the reservation form with as many details as possible will help us prepare adequately for transportation. This is because every client has different needs, and we strive to meet all of them. For instance, transportation for the handicapped is different from senior transportation and will require different expertise.

You can also call us if you need our elderly transportation or other services on the same day. Our team is swift to respond and will make sure you get the wheelchair transport you want. Contact us today if you want the best transportation company for the disabled.