Non Emergency transport services are not routinely a covered benefit through most private insurance companies. We require that customers pay at the time of service then work with your insurance company toward your reimbursement if there is a benefit. We will gladly mail you a paid invoice or another form of proof of transport to aid you in getting reimbursed.

Medicaid/Mass Health does cover non emergency medical transport and must be scheduled through the appropriate broker.

Absolutely. We encourage but do not require our customers to travel with a trusted Aid or family member for safety and comfort reasons.

Yes. As long as a Prime Medical Transport employee does not have to administer the oxygen and the oxygen tank is secure to the wheelchair

If we know the weight of the customer and how many stairs or steps we will be faced with before we arrive, we can handle stairs and steps. We have portable ramps we can bring for an additional charge that can handle up to 4 steps. To get someone down from the second floor or a flight of stair we use a Powered Wheelchair Stair Lift. The stairway needs to be at least 48” wide and there is an additional cost for this service.

We can take any type of wheelchair up to 31” wide (measuring from the outside wheel to outside wheel). If you have a transport wheelchair we would require you to transfer to our wheelchair to travel in the van.

Please let our representative know when you are scheduling the trip and we can bring one with us.

Unfortunately, we can only transport non-emergency customers that are ambulatory, are in wheelchairs or stretcher. We cannot transport customers in need of medical assistance while riding. An Ambulance is the proper form of transportation in those cases, which we do not provide.

We require you to cancel you trip at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled trip.

Yes, for an additional hourly fee the driver can wait with the customer, but they cannot go into the appointment with the customer or fill out paperwork.