Our Services

Personalized and Compassionate

Prime Medical Transport has an exceptional reputation for the personalized and compassionate services it provides for clients who require wheelchair, stretcher and ambulatory assist to attend medical appointments, social events and do errands. Our non-emergency local and long-distance client transportation services are available to help in these situations.

Types of Non-Emergency Transportation
Prime Medical Transport provides:

Wheelchair Transport (yours or we can provide a wheelchair)

Customers who use/depend on a wheelchair.

Our vehicles are equipped to carry 2 wheelchairs at once and accommodate 2 family members or staff to accompany the customer.

Ambulatory Transport
Ambulatory Transport (can walk alone with cane or walker) Customers capable of walking to and from our vehicles with or without the assistance of cane or walker are eligible for this service.

Stretcher Transport (when a patient doesn’t meet medical necessity or stretcher service is an alternative for non-medical transport.)

Customers who need extra comfort or those unable to sit upright for the duration of the trip. 

Stretcher Chair Transport With the Broda Synthesis Chair and specialized transfer boards, we can move patients more quickly and comfortably. The chair’s ability to fully recline allows patients to be transferred laterally, without lifting, for a safer and more comfortable experience. The 4-point restraints and tilt-in-space reclining keeps patients well-positioned and eliminates the risk of falling or slipping out of the wheelchair at any point of the transfer process.

Other Services

Wheelchair Stair Climber
Power Stair Chair
Portable Ramp (for home with up to 4 steps)


  • Medical Appointments (any type)
  • Post Surgical events (e.g. Anesthesia)
  • Dialysis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation


  • Visits to family and friends
  • Events like Weddings, Reunions, Funerals
  • Shopping
  • Errands


  • Barnstable
  • Boston
  • Providence (TF Green)
  • Provincetown